About Grand Chapter

What is Grand Chapter?

Grand Chapter is the supreme legislative body of the Fraternity and convenes every two years. It is composed of one delegate from each undergraduate and alumni chapter, the Grand Consul and the past Grand Consuls. The Grand Chapter has the power to alter or amend the Constitution, Statutes, and Executive Committee Regulations, and to enact, subject to the Governing Laws, any legislation to promote the general welfare of the Fraternity.

Who should attend Grand Chapter?

All Sigma Chis and their families are invited to attend Grand Chapter. However, only one certified delegate from each undergraduate and alumni chapter is eligible to vote. Remember, undergraduate chapters have paid the registration costs for one delegate through their annual fees. Therefore, each undergraduate chapter should send one voting delegate.

What should I wear?

Suggested attire for the welcome reception is business casual. All business sessions and daily lunches are also business casual. The sweetheart reception is a semi-formal event, so dress accordingly. The Significant Sig banquet requires formal attire.

What is the sweetheart reception?

Details about the sweetheart reception for the 82nd Grand Chapter in Salt Lake City will be available in March. Please return in the spring for more information.