What is Grand Chapter?

The Grand Chapter is the supreme legislative body of the Fraternity and convenes every two years, at a time and place designated by the Executive Committee. It is composed of one delegate from each of the undergraduate and alumni chapters, the Grand Consul and the Past Grand Consuls, each being entitled to one vote.

Elect Officers

The Grand Chapter elects the officers of the Fraternity, including the Grand Consul; Grand Pro Consul; Grand Quaestor; Grand Tribune; Grand Historian; alumnus member-at-large, Grand Trustee and Grand Praetor members of the Executive Committee; members of the Board of Grand Trustees; and the Grand Praetors. All are elected to two-year terms, except members of the 18-man Board of Grand Trustees who hold office for six years. Six members of the Board of Grand Trustees are elected at each Grand Chapter. Undergraduate delegates at the Grand Chapter also elect two undergraduate members to serve on the Executive Committee for one-year terms. In the year the Grand Chapter is in recess, the undergraduate delegates at the Grand Council elect two undergraduate members for one-year terms on the Executive Committee.

Enact or Change Legislation

The Grand Chapter has the power to alter or amend the Constitution, Statutes, and Executive Committee Regulations, and to enact, subject to the Governing Laws, any legislation to promote the general welfare of the Fraternity. It may grant or revoke charters to active and alumni chapters or associations and suspend or otherwise discipline any chapter, officer or member. If necessary, the Grand Chapter may act on matters by mail vote. The Grand Chapter has the power to adopt its own organization, officers, and rules of government and procedure; to create and disburse funds; and to appoint and regulate organizations, boards, commissions and officers to provide financial regulations. It can review, approve or amend the operations and activities of the Fraternity, subject to the provisions of the Constitution, Statutes and Ritual.

Recognize and Enable

The Grand Chapter also provides an opportunity for brothers to become well acquainted with Fraternity operations, as well as with brothers from different chapters. Its sessions are highlighted by individual recognition presentations, including the International Balfour, Significant Sig, Order of Constantine and the International Sweetheart of Sigma Chi awards. Alumni and undergraduate chapters in the chosen city host the biennial convention.