Significant Sig Multimedia Instructions

This page is intended for members who are in the 2017 class of Significant Sigs. We ask that all members who have been selected to receive these awards submit the following materials regardless of their 2017 Grand Chapter attendance.


  • March 6, 2017 – A professional headshot and release form are due to Download release form here.
  • April 10, 2017 – Acceptance speech videos are due via to with the award winner’s name in the message. For prompts and suggested questions to answer in your speech, see the bottom of the page.


If you have any questions please contact Jack Rodzik, MICHIGAN STATE 2013, multimedia coordinator and videographer at International Headquarters, at or at (847) 869-3655, ext. 250.

If you need some help in deciding what you would like to say in your two-minute Significant Sig acceptance speech video, try answering one of these questions or using one of these prompts:

-How have the lessons you learned through Sigma Chi influenced your professional career?
-What advice do you have for future generations of Sigma Chis who aspire to achieve similar levels of success as you have?
-What is your most important professional accomplishment?
-Who are the people in your life that are most important in helping you earn the Significant Sig Award?

-Share a unique story about how Sigma Chi has helped you in your life.
-Share a story about himself that you are most proud of.
-If you have remained in good contact with your brothers, please tell us how they have been there for you.
-Tell us what the Fraternity has done for you.
-Tell us what the award means to you.